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Mesh Airy Water Carrier: Blue

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The Blue Mesh Airy Water  carrier is an airy carrier entirely sewn from soft mesh of the highest quality. The materials used resulted in the carrier allowing air to circulate and moisture to escape, making it perfect for hot weather, on the beach and in the water.
It is the perfect baby carrier for babies from the first months of life to introduce them to water, their first entry into the sea or the pool.

All Kinder Hop baby carriers are recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as safe and healthy for the hip joints.


Airy mesh perfect for the hot days


Additional padding under baby's knees


Practical handle for attaching, e.g. a pacifier or a toy


Safe and natural M-shaped baby position

The biggest advantages of the Mesh Airy Water carrier are its high air permeability and low moisture absorption, which we achieved by using a spacer mesh for manufacture. Thanks to this, Kinder Hop carriers dry quickly after coming out of the water and are light and breathable. 
The inner layer of the carrier is a mesh that is gentle to the body - the so-called sports knit, which is usually used in sports clothes, is durable and at the same time soft to the touch, so it does not irritate the delicate body of the baby.
In order to provide comfort for long periods of time under the open sun, we have used a cotton hood in the carrier. The natural 100% cotton material in white will keep your baby's head perfectly protected from the sun's rays and wind, and will calm the baby as they fall asleep in the carrier, while supporting the little one's head.
A pocket located on the hip belt of the carrier allows you to hide a soother, headband or swimming pool key. 
The materials used are resistant to prolonged exposure to water and chlorine, and the fasteners for the hood are stainless steel.
Mesh Airy Water Carrier grows with your baby. You can adjust panel width with a velcro fastening and fit the carrier to 3-4 months old babies, as well as to older 3-year-old children wearing up to 110 size (or weighing from 3.5kg up to 20kg). It has an additional option of buckle fastening near baby’s bottom. Thanks to it, baby’s pelvis is tucked inside and their back is c-shaped – which is essential for the littlest babies and ensures their natural and safest position. It’s the perfect carrier for the whole babywearing period, great for everyday walks, as well as longer trips. Fully padded hip belt makes baby’s weight less noticeable, what’s more, the carrier is perfect for people suffering from spine problems. Long summer walks, holiday journeys, sightseeing or trips with the baby - wearing this carrier is fun, comfortable and convenient for both baby and parent. 


Main advantages of Mesh Airy Water baby carriers:

  • Entirely made of light, breathable and quick-drying mesh spacer
  • The inside is made of durable and soft to the touch sports knit
  • Materials resistant to prolonged exposure to water and chlorine
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Detachable hoodie included in the carrier set
  • Practical pocket set-in the hip bel
  • Panel width easily adjustable with velcro fastening
  • Additional lower buckle fastening ensures the correct baby position (c-shaped back and tucked pelvis)
  • Additional padded shoulder straps
  • Additional padding under baby's knees
  • Wide scope of shoulder straps and hip belt adjustments
  • High air permeability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Appropriate since the first months of baby's life
  • One carrier for the whole babywearing period
  • Natural baby position
  • Shoulder straps can be crossed
  • Front and back carry option
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Every part of the carrier was made by hand and the fabrics used are certified – that’s why you can use it smoothly and efficiently for a long time. All carriers were made by hand in Poland whilst applying the highest quality standards. Every product comes with a 24-month warranty.

From size 68 to 110
From 3.5 to 20 kg

Handmade in Poland
24-month warranty

100% cotton woven in our weaving mill

Free delivery
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