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Kinder Hop Wally 3 in 1 - pillow for sleeping and breastfeeding: Pink

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Cotton / Polyester

We know how important is the comfort of a young mom during her first months with a newborn baby. That is why we created Kinder Hop Wally 3 in 1 c-shaped pillow. It is a wonderful gadget for a strained back and support for swollen legs.

It will support and relieve the pregnant belly, especially during the final months of pregnancy, when its muscles are weaker.


Highest quality certified materials


Supporting the pregnancy belly during sleep


Helpful when feeding the baby


Cover for a baby cot

Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

Soft and nice to the touch, it is perfect for a rest during the day and night. When the baby comes into the world, the pillow will be also useful during feeding, providing the baby and mom with a comfortable position. 

The c-shaped pillow is a must-have for pregnant women or young moms. It helps to relieve and support the pregnant belly, relaxes tense neck muscles, and relieves the spine. The unique shape with a split end (consisting of two triangles) allows you to attach it to the baby’s crib so that it can serve as a safety padding during your little one's sleep. It is nice and soft to the touch, that's why it is perfect as a safe playpen or an assist in learning how to sit up. It is made fifty-fifty of high-quality cotton and Velvet fabric and filled with antiallergenic combed silicone. It does not cause any irritation, even on the highly sensitive skin of the baby and mother.

There are three color versions of the c-shaped pillow in our offer: brown, pink and blue.


- available in three colors: blue, pink and brown.

- 3-in-1 pillow: relaxes, facilitates feeding, serves as a safety padding for the baby's crib

- made of the best quality cotton and Velvet fabric

- filled with antiallergenic combed silicone

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From 0 to 10 years

Handmade in Poland. 24-month warranty

100% high quality cotton 

Free delivery 30-day return policy

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